About Us

Learn about our decorated history and the values which make us leaders in our industry.

Intercon Engineering is born

Intercon Engineering formed as a family owned business with a workshop in St Marys NSW

Bayswater Power Station

The company's largest undertaking in the power industry with 14km of fabricated and erected piping.

Gold Coast Desalination Plant

Intercon provided a unique, cost-effective solution for complicated RO modules and super duplex stainless steel pipework. 


The company expanded into infrastructure and roads, delivering several fire suppression and SMP packages both in the main tunnel and the surface facilities.


Achieved CC3 certification with Weld Australia, showing our commitment to maintaining and improving our world class standards of quality in steel fabrication.

Passion is in the centre of everything we do

A strong experience in engineering

To deliver successful and cost effective project solutions of the highest quality and safety standards while providing outstanding customer service.

Our vision is to become a preferred partner in delivering high quality projects that will contribute to a healthy construction and manufacturing industry and to the community at large.

Our People

The calibre of our people is our key strength and underpins our performance and reputation. As such we always aim to demonstrate our commitment to them. As a family owned business we make sure our employees feel like a part of one, which empowers them to do their best.


We care - about each other, the work we do and the places in which we work. We take pride in the outstanding results of that passion.


We understand and respect our place as a piece in the larger picture of the manufacturing and construction industry. We never lose sight of the fact that we are working towards something bigger than ourselves. Our projects are always delivered with the mindset that our own successes in quality, safety, sustainability and profitability will benefit our stakeholders and the community.


There’s a reason it is mentioned in our motto and it sets us apart. We continually strive to be the best we can be, both individually and as an organisation. Quality, Health, Safety and Environment are a core priority of our business and that focus gives our clients and communities peace of mind. To us this also means continuing to improve and grow as a company; there is always more to learn, more ways that we can provide solutions for you.


Of Piping Fabricated


Projects Completed


Of Loyal Service

Our Team

Austin Yi

Managing Director

Arif Khan

General Manager

Larry Yi

Business Development Manager

Lakshmi N Ramapriyan

Senior Project Engineer

Suchan Hwang

Welding Supervisor